Prairie & Ocean

About me!

Born and raised in the Canadian prairies, Janice started quilting in 2019 while living near the ocean in San Diego. Janice comes from a family of quilters but was always adamant about not joining the family Quilting Quorum. After finishing grad school and finding herself with an abundance of time not consumed by needy proteins and experiments, Janice found herself with a whole cloth hand quilting project. It wasn't long before she started asking her mom and aunt about what to look for in a sewing machine. Prairie and Ocean is a team of hard working individuals. Morale Operations are run by Combo, her German Shepherd mix, and her cat Emma is the QC manager for naps under/on quilts. Both animals share the role of Disruptor of Fabric, immediately seeking their rightful place on any quilt blocks laid out on the floor. She is supported by her loving #quilthusband Dan, who while partly colourblind, tries really hard to help with fabric selection. He knows some stuff about websites too :)


Vancouver, BC, Canada