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Synaptic Quilt Pattern - PDF

Synaptic Quilt Pattern - PDF

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Inspired by the intricate beauty of circuit designs, Synaptic is a unique and modern quilt pattern, perfect for anyone who loves both technology and quilting.

This quilt pattern is versatile and works well with many colour palettes, allowing you to customize the quilt to your liking. Whether you prefer bright and bold colours or muted tones, Synaptic can be tailored to match your personal style.

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Pattern Details

Throw: 66" x 66"

Colour options
One + bonus variant that adds even more colours


Skills: ¼" seam allowance is very important; involves cutting strips with precise widths (Example: 2 ⅛").

The pattern is written for an intermediate quilter. This just means there aren't diagrams for every single step.


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